the redemption.

I haven’t been posting much because I haven’t been that in love with anything I’ve come across on the internet recently. That changed about two minutes ago.

I have become more sentimental over the past few years, but I like to think the fact that I didn’t cry over a movie or book or song or poem or whatever until I was in college means I have some sort of emotional bar. Right now, however, I’m struggling to keep from crying happy tears. If you haven’t seen this yet, PLEASE go watch Caine’s Arcade. I rarely watch/suggest online videos because I find them very tedious to sit through, but this one is worth it. Your heart will swell.


the so funny.

I’m feeling a little wonky after a 3 day dash across the Atlantic, but this site is boosting my mood big time. What Should We Call Me takes everyday occurrences and adds an animated image that captures the feeling. The situations range from “When your friend crops you out of their Facebook picture” to “When your boss walks into your office at 5 p.m. on Friday and asks you to do something for them” to “When people have reptiles for pets.” Each one is hilarious. Click the link and check it out– you will not be disappointed.