happy weekend!

I have been looking forward to this weekend for WEEKS. I am so excited to go home tonight for Easter.

Things that I will NOT be doing to celebrate include making many of the weird Easter creations I’ve seen on Pinterest.

Who wants to hack off a chunk of a bunny’s backside for dessert? I guess it’s a cute pudgy little image, but I don’t want to eat that.

Similarly, I don’t want to be forced to make a comparison between some creamy dip and the stomach contents of an animal like this: And this yolky cupcake-stuffed-into-eggshell isn’t in any way appealing at all.

I’ll be sticking to the classics this year

Happy Easter, and happy weekend!


the omgosh yum.

The well of inspiration for blog reviews is running a little dry, so here’s a collection of recipes from around the web that have made turn my eyes into love crumbs (name that poem!) and my heart beat faster. I happily receive any and all cooking/baking donations. I’d even review them on the blog! :)

Just make sure you’re in an Adele frame of mind.

First, Cake Batter Blondies. Looks like it would be impossible to eat these and not be happy. The blogger says they’re the best thing she’s eaten/made. Recipe.

Oreo Layer Dessert. Recipe.

Skillet Strawberry Cobbler. Recipe.

This one looks/sounds a little suspect, but I bet it’s delicious. Apple Nachos. Recipe.

Frosty S’more Cups. Recipe.

Ending on an adorable one. Baby Birds Nest Pretzels. Recipe.

Hope to have gotten your sweet tooth revved. Come my way with any proceeds!


the blogger who writes the best.

If someone asked me whose writing style is the most admired in the blogosphere and whose voice most bloggers attempt to emulate (obviously I get questions like this all the time), I wouldn’t have to think about my answer. It’s The Pioneer Woman. Le duh. If you haven’t already heard of her, here’s Wikipedia’s quick rundown:

Ree Drummond is an award-winning American blogger, No. 1 New York Times bestselling author, food writer, photographer, television personality who lives on a working ranch outside of Pawhuska, Oklahoma. In February 2010, she was listed as No. 22 on Forbes’ Top 24 Web Celebrities– one of only three women. Her blog, The Pioneer Woman, which documents Drummond’s daily life as a ranch wife and mother, was named Weblog of the Year in 2009 and 2010 and the Annual Weblog awards.

Her blog is massive and multi-faceted, and I’m convinced that the woman doesn’t sleep. Apart from all she manages though (homeschooling her kids, castrating cows  (was just alerted that bulls are typically the ones getting castrated, not cows), cooking for her cookbook, cooking for her tv show, blogging, going on book tours, etc), I really am most impressed with by the quality and quantity of her writing. As I’ve said, she’s SO famous, and yet she writes with total humility and such great humor. She walks on blog water, and other bloggers (especially food ones, perhaps even one who has been reviewed here? Not naming any names…) labor endlessly to copy her style of food writing. No one comes close. Check that out here (and find a treasure trove of incredible recipes): Pioneer Woman Cooks.

Or, for a more specific entry point, I highly recommend that you read All I Wanted Was A Doughnut, a post that she wrote last Friday that I enjoyed more than anything else I’ve seen on the web recently. Teaser phrases: “my back fat is violent,” “the conversation about my getting up at five to work out for an hour really wore me out,” and “My pride is hurt. It is badly, badly injured.”

Go read the article. You’ll laugh. If you don’t, you can give it to me in the comments. But she’s still The Blogger Who Writes The Best in my mind.

(Image via The Pioneer Woman).