the justification.

I used to preface my interest in blogs with a preemptive “so I know blogs are a little nerdy, but there’s this one that I really like that says…” in order to avoid (or at least mitigate) the smirks and blank stares of those who hadn’t also drunk the blog Kool-aid.ย  After I said this oh, about 100 times, I realized I was using lots of valuable oxygen and lung capacity to say something that I didn’t believe was true. Blogs are amazing. I won’t list their bounty of accolades, but you don’t have to look far to see some of the incredible things that have happened because of them– from international giving campaigns and mass peanut butter pie-baking to show support for a blogger whose husband tragically died, to blogs like The Sartorialist that have, in only five years, become the medium for one of the world’s most respected voices in fashion (not to mention teaching the vast majority of the already-literate world a new word in “sartorial”), to catapulting humble and hilarious women like the Pioneer Woman to The Today Show/New York Time’s Best Sellers List/Food Network all because she wanted to share pictures of her ranch life in Oklahoma with her mom and a blog seemed the easiest way to do it.

I’m pleased that we don’t live in a world quite as blog-judgmental as we did a few short years ago, and I’d like us to continue down this path. While many people are far better versed in all the blogs out there than I, I’d like to help those who’d like a little guidance regarding where to begin in the big blog world. Few things make me happier than suggesting a blog to a friend and hearing that friend say “I LOVE this– I’m reading the whole thing now!!” and so I’d like to use this space to blog about blogs: a meta-blog, if you will. I hope to make blog converts out of some of you. P.S. I know I’m going out on a limb using one of the most cliche posters out there, but stick with me. I promise there will be no “Live Laugh Love” around here.


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