the dream.

This past weekend I went to New York City for a trip with some of my best friends. The weekend was a happy one, complete with cupcakes, fun drinks, and a fierce Rock Paper Scissors tournament. Today’s post features my very favorite NYC blogger, a woman who created her little corner on the internet in 2006 after a bad breakup with a boyfriend and since has grown her blog to huge proportions. I kept an eye out for her while I was in her ‘hood this weekend, but no dice.

Cup of Jo is what pops to my mind when I think of “lifestyle blog.” Joanna posts effortlessly chic clothes, amazing prints she finds on Etsy, hair tutorials, and Swedish-inspired homes. She’s an old soul who lives a hipster/French girl hybrid life. Over the course of the blog, Joanna has met her charming husband Alex, married him, and had a snuggly baby boy named Toby. She did detailed posts on her wedding and pregnancy, and now she writes about raising a child in New York City (but has managed to stay away from the “Ah-I-am-completely-obsessed-with-my-baby-and-don’t -want-to-do-anything-but-stare-at-it-because-I-love-it-with-a-kind-of-intensity-I-have-never-before-known-in-my-life-and-so-anyone-without-kids-is-degenerate-for-not-knowing-this-feeling” thing that kiiiind of grates on me in the blog world. Not that I’m projecting or anything).

Her blog is a sweet space of style and spiritedness, of curiosity and charm.

(Photo courtesy of Max Wanger)

3 thoughts on “the dream.

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