the snuggliest.

Today’s post features another of the Blogging Big Wigs– Rockstar Diaries. A Julliard-trained dancer, Naomi moved from the Big Apple to the Capitol with her husband Josh a couple of years ago, and they now live somewhere in my neighborhood (I have determined such from her pictures…I hope for a sighting every time I step foot outdoors).

The duo is super in love, a little hipster, very smiley, and besotted with their new baby-model-beautiful little girl Eleanor. The family loves food trucks, Christmas, Wendy’s, and their bulldog Kingsley. Naomi features “Happy Lists,” amazing photos of DC and her family, and frequent restaurant outings. While I’m sure they have their down days, this little family seems like something out of a movie, and Rockstar Diaries is a wonderful blog at which to take a peek when you want a pick-me-up.

And I will continue to hope and pray to spot them in real life. It’s gotta happen soon, right?

(Photo courtesy of Rockstar Diaries)

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