the style maven.

I’ve been reading this blog for about six months and in that time, Atlantic-Pacific has made major waves (totally unintentional pun). Blair posts pictures of her outfits most every day, and the girl can flip from Hamptons-preppy to citified-grunge and back multiple times a week. There are lots of fashion blogs out there, but this is one of the few that I read because Blair seems sunny and humble rather than Anna Wintour intimidating. She works for Gap in San Francisco, and while most of her outfits are more daring than the average person would attempt, it’s easy to take her ideas and water them down a bit for more pedestrian wear. I’m particularly interested in her mixing of patterns/prints and her jewelry amalgamations (I think her slim arms come from lugging around a dumbbell’s weight in bracelets all day long). She does a great job of mixing the high-low in her style (Chanel with H&M), and maybe one day I’ll feel gutsy enough to take her lead with the two shirts under a vest under a jacket under a cape. But probably not.

She seems genuinely appreciative of all her recent buzz, and it’s been exciting to see where her little blog has taken her recently.

(Photos done by Blair herself, (and her boyfriend too, I think?))

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