the sunniest.

Today’s blog is relatively new to me. Still, I’m not worried about it not yet having stood the test of time because this girl is so seriously adorable. Fairy Tales Are True follows the life and travels of the smiley and modelesque sweetheart Sarah Tucker, and her blog has quickly become one of my very favorites.
Originally from Florida, Sarah recently married a professional baseball hunk named JB, and the two have been in Europe for the past 18 months as he plays abroad. Sarah seems like the girl you might want to hate because she’s so effortlessly beautiful and lives a wanderlust dream, but she’s so cheerful and positive that you can’t help but adore her. She and her husband are absolutely smitten with each other (like…for real. So moony/beamy/smiley to be together all the time), and they’ve had such a run of adventures. Recently JB traded his baseball uniform for a suit, and Sarah is in the midst of figuring out her next move in Florida. She’s into real foods, she’s got an awesome/inspirational wardrobe, and she can rock nerd glasses (apparently I’m drawn to these types. Maybe I should get some for myself) and messy hair like no one’s business.

Reading Fairy Tales Are True is like a little shot of sunshine, and I can’t wait to see what she gets up to next.

(Photo from Fairy Tales Are True)


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