the colorful.

They weren’t kidding when they said everything in Texas is big. Sheridan French (though as a faithful and fervent follower of the paleolithic diet, she’s tiny) lives in splashy neon prints and glittery shoes, struts with a head of wild crinkly hair, works under the weight of a massive to-do list, and resides in a palatial modern/cozy/whimsical/elegant home in Fort Worth. She and her husband are stupid-in-love, they have two kids that go by Biz and Big Squish on the blog, and she’s a clothing designer who creates gorgeous tunics and dresses that seem a mix of boho/hippie/Bali/Palm Beach chic.

On her blog (called The Southern Eclectic, I suppose to keep it distinct from the Sheridan French clothing line), Sheridan posts outfits, thoughts on motherhood, products she’s currently loving, some recipes, and interior decorating ideas.

She’s a total stunner and adds a fizzy pop to one’s day.

(Photo from Sheridan French)

Edited to add– she’s pregnant again! Look at her little baby bump at a recent formal event. True to form, Sheridan went the daring route by ditching the evening gown for a hot pink tux jacket and sequined tie.

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