the “why didn’t i do this?”

John Jannuzzi is social media force. He’s an editor for Lucky Magazine, he writes multiple Tumblrs, and he’s in the thick of the fashion scene in NYC. That being said, he’s still very much a dude. Some of his tweets are a little vulgar for me, but for the most part, he’s a very discerning, funny, smart guy.

Textbook is one of his Tumblrs, and my heart simultaneously sank and soared the second I saw it, because it was the blog I hadn’t even yet realized I wanted to write. Textbook is a style and literature blog, and John Jannuzzi takes famous men and women from books or history and then dresses them in outfits from today’s runway. He’ll give a little recap of the character’s personality/the book’s plot (his reading repertoire is very impressive), and then he selects a few appropriate couture outfits.

Love this imagination of the icily beautiful Estella in Great Expectations, and please look at how perfectly he outfits Jane Austen’s Emma.

I’m so glad he’s reinvigorating all my favorite characters.

(Pictures from Textbook)

2 thoughts on “the “why didn’t i do this?”

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