the reporter.

I like to keep up with current events. Particularly of the Reese Witherspoon/Ryan Gosling/Heidi Klum variety. Up until recently, however, I’ve been disappointed by the coverage. People‘s website is so garishly busy and ad-filled that I don’t like visiting it. Perez Hilton is so dirty that I feel like I need to wash my eyes after looking at it. Other ones focus too much on celebrities’ drug addictions and baby mama dramas. I wanted a clean blog that kept me current with the lives of the rich and famous in an aesthetically pleasing format with an emphasis on style. Could such a blog be found?

Enter Day Old News. In the blogosphere since 2005, Day Old News features pictures of celebrities out and about town, and as a Beverly Hills resident herself, she can provide little insider insights. She posts a few times a day, and sometimes mixes up the celebrity news with pictures of her beloved dog and recipes. Her day job includes planning fabulous star-studded events, and it’s always a treat to hear her stories after a particularly wild night out the celebs.She fully admits her complete obsession with reality TV, and her blog is influenced by that interest as well.

Read her so you’re never in the dark when cocktail conversation takes a turn for the serious.


One thought on “the reporter.

  1. OMG, this is so cute! Thank you so much for such an amazing post! If I ever win an award, I will have to have you there to present me hahah! Have a great Thanksgiving!!

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