the spendy saver.

I’ve followed Chloe of The Chloe Conspiracy in one form or another on the internet for almost 8 years. She’s a tiny blonde (sometimes redhead) from South Dakota who now lives with her doting husband in Colorado. Chloe is the definition of a shopaholic. Sometimes it stresses me out to see her parade about in $500 shoe after $500 shoe (especially because she has so many that I think it must take a year for each pair in her closet to get a single day on her little feet), but she hasn’t talked about bankruptcy on the blog yet so I think she’s doing fine. Like Atlantic-Pacific, Chloe knows how to mix high fashion with basics from Target and Forever21. On The Chloe Conspiracy, Chloe shows outfits of the day, pictures of her tiny toy dogs, products she’s loving, and the occasional ice cream recipe. She also runs another blog, See Chloe Shop, where she posts the sales that are happening on virtually every shopping site every single day. Before I make any online purchase, I head to that blog to see if I can use one of her coupon codes.

Chloe’s writing style is spazzy and hilarious, and she started her blog as a creative outlet after being diagnosed with Lupus. She’s very upbeat on the blog, but sometimes she’ll come back after not posting for a few days and let her readership know that she’s had a bad spell. One look at her blog though, and you’ll see that she fights in style.

(Photo courtesy of the talented Chloe herself)

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