the bon vivant.

I’ve described Summer is a Verb as a grown up Eloise before, and I think the comparison holds well.

The woman behind the waspy addage is Alice Richardson, and she and her husband (“Babe” on the blog) have lived in Charlottesville, DC, Fenwick Island, and now are right at home in Greenwich. Alice is another shopaholic, and she’s hellbent on accumulating as much Hermes as possible. The first time I read her blog, I was shocked by her snobbishness, but after reading a post or two, it became clear that her elitist humor is all tongue-in-cheek. She sprinkles French words in her posts like a true sophisticate; she jets off to her parents’ house in Mexico the moment her East Coast tan starts to dim; and her celebrity best friend would be Gwyneth Paltrow.

Babe travels a bunch for work, and so it’s often Alice, her Himalayan cats (even the pets are regal), online shopping, and a dedicated P90X routine on the home front. She’s a fun read, and seeing her splurges  will make you feel wonderfully frugal.

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