the talking point.

I don’t think there’s a blogger who has consumed more conversation space in my life than Jenna of Eat Live Run. Since my friends and I started reading her a few years ago, countless discussions have started with, “omg, did you SEE what she said?”  It makes sense, because this Floridian-turned-Californian blonde is full of fodder with interests swinging from butter cream and bacon to kale and cauliflower; from spinning/high intensity exercise to only the child’s pose portion of yoga; from being a creative writing major in college to being a champion of Nicholas Sparks novels.

What has stayed constant in her ever-morphing belief system is her passion for food. Though this interest has gone from spinach smoothies to pork belly and back again numerous times, Jenna is about delicious foods. She studied at Le Cordon Bleu and worked as a pastry chef, but after a few different stints, she realized she most enjoyed the act of writing about food. She already has a memoir about her culinary experiences (if it’s good, lucky us! she’s young enough to have many more “memoirs”) coming out in 2012. Right now, she’s staying busy with recipe creations, and she posts something new nearly every day. She’s pretty dessert-heavy on the blog, but she does mix it up with breads, ethnic dishes (particularly Indian), healthy (and not-so-healthy) sides, and soups. Beyond the kitchen, she loves to travel with her boyfriend Adam, and the two do a good job of making the most of their West Coast playground with frequent excursions around California and the surrounding states.

Read her blog and form your own opinion. 🙂

(Photo courtesy of Eat Live Run. I suspect Adam took it)

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