the glamorous.

Reading this blog is like shedding a dumpy, ill-fitting, nubby coat and slipping into a silky, satiny, magically-makes-you-lithe-and-lean-like-Kiera Knightley evening gown. This Is Glamorous is the absolute best place for total escapism. On the blog, Rosaline (even her name is chic) posts pictures of solely beautiful things. Clothes, homes, interiors, jewelry, gardens, sweets– everything looks glamorous (duh), feminine, and a little French.

While I’ve been into the blog’s images for a while, only recently have I paid attention to how perfect the copy is as well. Even if you blacked out all the pictures and only read the words, the blog would still exude elegance, glamour, and luxury.

For example, read this little line here:
“isn’t this the loveliest silk dress? at once sexy & pretty — belted and with heels, and it’s off for a late lunch date with devastatingly handsome company.”
She’s so talented at creating images with her words that you don’t even need to see the dress she’s describing.
But it’s pretty, so I won’t leave you hanging.
(picture via This is Glamorous)
Read this blog when you’d like a bit of lovely to relieve you from shrieking babies, taking out the trash, and long lines at the DMV.

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