the joy.

(that title was an easy one)

Today’s blog is a visual delight. Oh Joy! features fashion, food, and design. A charming and talented graphic designer, Joy posts collections of beautiful items based on the very imaginative themes she’s “feeling” (for examples, look at her “feeling poppy on a cloudy day” or “feeling lightly dipped in gold“). My feelings can typically be filed under content/giddy/irritated/ambivalent, and Joy makes me wish my emotions had a bit more of the descriptive, beautiful aesthetic that hers apparently claim. 🙂

Besides these interpretations of sentiment, Joy has “Lunch Lady” posts, where she interviews different professionals (photographers, chefs, clothes designers, etc) over the midday meal about their typical lunch routine. It’s a neat (and surprisingly telling) picture into these people’s lives, and the food that Joy and her interviewee share normally inspires me to shake up my oatmeal routine. Joy does other interviews like “Closet and Casa“– a peek into the homes and wardrobes of interesting folks that again, offer fun little details that rarely come up in other interviews.

Joy and her husband just had a precious little baby girl named Ruby, and the three seem to have a happy, stylish, dessert-filled little life out in California.

Oh Joy! is a wonderful blog if you’re looking for a dose of style, cheer, and insight into the lives of other creative types.

(Photo courtesy of Oh Joy!)

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