the testosterone.

This site is far from my typical wheelhouse. In the spirit of being well-rounded, however, I’m making it today’s feature. I have found it to be great cultural currency when conversing with boys, and some of the articles are actually pretty interesting considering the overarching theme isn’t one to which I’m naturally drawn. ESPN’s Grantland launched this summer, and it is home to the famed(/infamous) sports columnist/author/pod caster/personality Bill Simmons.

Both Simmons and Grantland are a bit divisive amongst sports fans these days, but I’m not well-versed enough in the history/context to take a side. I do know that I have enjoyed the articles I’ve read on Grantland, and I like the  inclusion of pop culture to make the sports part go down a little more easily. Simmons’s list of editors is impressive– he’s got writers like Malcolm Gladwell, Dave Eggers, and Chuck Klosterman contributing columns and essays. Apparently that’s one of the reasons why Grantland is set to fail, but I am going to enjoy reading Gladwell’s economic analysis of the NBA lockout and Dave Eggers’s take on the UNimportance of a team’s record so long as the venue’s good as long as the site lasts.

(picture from Grantland)

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