the clever.

As a little kid, one of my favorite times of day was mail time (I guess Blue’s Clues determined that was a common interest among kids). I loved looking through the glossy magazines to see the pristine white beds piled high with perfectly scattered pillows, the hanging kitchen racks with matching copper pots dangling above the uncluttered marble countertop, and the mudroom’s cubbies with wicker baskets for the neat organization of mittens, soccer cleats, and the golden retriever’s treats. I would show my mom the pictures and say, “look at how pretty, let’s get this!” Much to my irritation, she would (rightfully) remind me that those linens would not make my unmade, rumpled bed look worthy of a photo shoot, that the stack of bills and homework folders on the counter would make that kitchen scene a little less serene, and that my own shoe closet was just fine for the ballet/tennis/basketball shoes. And we didn’t have a golden retriever. Some people, however, are lucky enough to live the life in the magazine pages. Catalog Living narrates the hilarious interactions between Gary and Elaine– the fictional couple that resides in the elaborately decorated rooms that grace the pages of catalogs like Restoration Hardware, Crate & Barrel, and Pottery Barn. Here’s a taste. “Elaine, it would take you less time to get ready in the morning if you didn’t insist on seeing how your outfit looks while you’re holding a buoy.” (image from West Elm) “We could get her a step stool, Elaine, but I think it’s important for Gabrielle to learn that you can’t always reach your dream.” (Source:

Catalog Living has done so well that the spinoff Magazine Living was created last year, and it follows the fictional Martin and Gareth. Both blogs are so creative, and I’m continually impressed by the writer’s imagination. It takes the sting off of not having the perfectly arranged mudroom that my childhood heart so desired.


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  1. This made my day! SO funny! My favorite catalog picture was a PB one with a bookcase full of books whose spines were turned towards the wall so you couldn’t see what any of the books were actually about. It definitely helped with the monochromatic color scheme, but I would love to hear what Elaine and Gary thought about it!
    Love your posts – keep it up!

  2. I always used to do the same! The L.L. Bean Christmas catalogues were particularly torturous because they make snow and cold weather look so good, but as my mother always reminded me, it only looks like that for about 30 minutes. And she always also said that copper pots require constant polishing, so no, I could not have a full set to hang from our ceiling.

    • Yes, the holiday L.L. Bean made me wish that my family dressed in matching tartan pajamas and spent Saturday mornings giggling over the “funnies” and enjoying snowflake-shaped pancakes in a cozy breakfast nook.

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