the treasures.

I could spend days looking at Letters of Note. The blog is an archive of wonderful old correspondences that have been scanned in their original format onto the blog.  A man named Shaun Usher runs the site, and he opens each post with some background for the following text. The letters/postcards/telegrams range from a handwritten note in 2003 in which Conan O’Brien kindly lets down a hopeful high school student regarding her request for him to be her prom date to the scanning of a narrated resume that Madonna sent to a film producer to beg him to let her be in his upcoming erotic thriller. Through the blog, I’ve learned about things like “masked letters”– a letter that reads normally in its entirety, but the intended meaning can only be seen once a mask is put directly over the paper to frame select words. Here’s an example of one on the blog from 1777 during the Revolutionary War.

Check out David Bowie’s adorably appreciative response to his first piece of fan mail. He repeatedly thanks the sender and urges young Sandra, “do please write again and let me know some more about yourself.” 🙂

Or below, in its appropriate pink and glamorous glory– a letter found at Marilyn Monroe’s desk right after her death and intended for her ex-husband Joe DiMaggio. “Your happiness is my happiness”– uh oh, hope he didn’t like her alive.

And because 95% of the people I know like to declare themselves “history buffs/nerds,” I think Letters of Note will be a big hit!


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