the happies.

Such a good feeling, right? Just Little Things posts bright postcards every day with the little things that make life happy. For me, most of them are the articulations of feelings I’ve had but haven’t ever consciously realized, and so I find myself saying “Yes! That IS so great!” as I scroll down the page.

I don’t think I’ve ever done this with an orange, but I do get a real rush of success when I peel a clementine in one neat spiral. Maybe I’ll graduate to the bigger fruit someday. There’s a little bit of schmaltzy on the site with cards lauding things like “untouched snow,” but for the most part, cliches are eluded, and this little corner of the internet alerts us to those small occurrences that are satisfying in big ways.

One thought on “the happies.

  1. This post just brightened my day! Extra French Fries truly are one of life’s sweetest surprises, and I have to confess that peeling an orange in one piece gives me an undue sense of satisfaction.

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