the summaries.

Better Book Titles is like a sly, further-abridged SparkNotes. The genius behind the Tumblr is Dan Wilbur, and every day he satirizes a different book. He does so by taking famous books and using photoshop to put a new title on the iconic covers. Many of the new titles are laugh-out-loud funny, and I’m very impressed by the sheer quantity of books Wilbur’s been able to critique.

Better Book Titles does a number of things– books are either boiled down to a single message:

Or Wilbur picks a particular thread from a book’s larger story:

Or he’ll do a cultural commentary regarding the book’s public reception. These ones are my favorite.

(It’s a great book. It’s got a fitting message. But don’t give it as if you’re being whimsically wonderfully unconventional.)


I think you could put that title on The Help (Wilbur gives that one this funny name) as well. If I were renaming the Larsson book, I would call it Reading This Makes You Just as Gross as Martin Vanger. If you have any suggestions (that are less against the international bestselling novel grain than mine), Wilbur frequently takes reader submissions, so go wow him with your creativity.

Images from Better Book Titles.


4 thoughts on “the summaries.

  1. His titles for the classics are really funny, and I suppose his “summaries” of books I haven’t read yet are actually informative! This seems like a good English teacher assignment. And his title for The Giving Tree fits in nicely with feminist literary criticism. BTW, I agree with your title for the Steig Larsson book. So, so icky!

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