the sisters.

I am hardcore crushing on this blog. A Piece of Toast is a lifestyle blog that is stylish without a hint of snobbishness, picture-heavy but not devoid of good writing, and sweet but far from saccharine. Add the fact that it’s run by two sisters from the South, and I’m smitten. Sally Ann and Molly Bernadette started A Piece of Toast in November 2010, and they’ve posted a few times a day every day since then.

They feature clothes (that are wearable/affordable/you wouldn’t feel foolish trying to copy), beauty, food (their criteria for wine/beer is the same as mine– low price and good packaging), interiors, happenings in the fashion world, interesting articles of note, and other lifestyley things.

The girls live together in Texas, and they blog when they’re not at their day jobs (one is a teacher, one works in marketing). In their “Meet Us” section, they say they are the types that “stalk Sprinkles for the free cupcake of the day and aren’t embarrassed that the people there now easily recognize them.” I do this as well, and I’m not either. Totally shameless with free samples.

They write well*, they’ve got their thumbs on the fashion/blogging pulse, and they are so very likable. I (truly madly) deeply want to be best friends with them.

(Images via A Piece of Toast)

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