the essentials.

Apparently “everyday carry” is a thing. I had no idea. And as an up-until-recently-entirely-oblivious outside observer, I am very intrigued. It’s like the masculine Sharper Image/J.Crew catalog version of those magazine features “What’s in My Purse,” where celebrities dump out their bags’ contents to reveal their wallets/iPhones/hand sanitizer/restaurant mints/gum/seven lip glosses/lotion/water bottle/sunglasses/hair ties/headphones/camera/Kleenex/Tide To Go pen/Crystal Light packets. While it might seem like that vast array of contents makes the stars prepared for whatever situation might strike, Everyday Carry celebrates a well-edited, minimalist approach. In fact, the blog’s editor Bernard Capulong considers the things one carries to be representative of an ideology, and he explains that Everyday Carry, or EDC, refers “to small items or gadgets worn, carried, or made available in pockets, holsters, or bags on a daily basis to manage common tasks or for use in unexpected situations or emergencies. In a broader sense, it is a lifestyle, discipline, or philosophy of preparedness.” If I ever see this man in the flesh, I will keep my overflowing-with-gum-wrappers-and-receipts bag tightly shut.

Everyday Carry features reader submissions of what they carry with them at all times, and it’s cool to get a peek into the pockets. Capulong comments on the submissions, and he suggests how the reader could simplify or streamline his everyday gear in order to maximize “preparedness, self-reliance, and efficiency.” I like trying to figure out the man behind the objects. Try yourself with the ones below.

Intellectual hipster, yes? This person drinks black coffee and knows when political speakers are coming to town and probably plays jazz while he whips up something creative in the kitchen.

Prepster Fratstar. Oliver Peoples glases, Costas, Land Rover keys, Carmex,  monogrammed wallet…and Capulong tells him his collection isn’t optimized for efficiency. Ha.

Swedish architect. For sure.

I like the idea of putting more thought into what I bring with me everywhere always, and so I’m going to ride this wave of minimalist inspiration and go deep six the majority of the contents of my bag. Thanks for the kick in the pants, Everyday Carry!

(Images from Everyday Carry)

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