the adorable.

I got a lot of (non-evidenced by the blog) love for this featured blogger, and so today I thought I’d showcase someone similar. In fact, I think I *might* like today’s girl a little bit better. Lucy Laucht is a style blogger who lives in New York, and like many fashion bloggers, she does outfits of the days (which hereafter will be referred to as OOTD). I’m having a hard time trying to define her style because she’ll go preppy in stripes/red crops/a navy blazer but can channel a Jessica Alba bohemian vibe just as well.

Besides enjoying her outfit inspiration, I like her because she’s totally accessible. Even though her job in NYC sounds super-glam (She designs creative campaigns for fashion brands. Sounds terrible, I know), she talks about surviving on her small salary, about how she and her boyfriend decorated their Brooklyn apartment piece-by-piece with all flea market finds, and about a struggle through hell and high water for a thrift store Missoni dress. In one of her posts, Lucy writes, “talking with a friend yesterday, we concluded our favorite style blogs are the attainable ones; sites where appeal lies in the fact we can relate to the content.” Well Lucy, you’ve nailed why I like you!

The dress in the picture above was $7. I know this because Lucy “suffer[s] from some kind of tourettes which inclines [her] to shout “$10 Flea markets!” or “$15 Vinnies!” every time someone admires a piece of [her] clothing.” She says she knows she probably shouldn’t brag about the deals she scores but just can’t help herself. I struggle with that too– does saying I got a top on the clearance rack for $3.99 make me a) annoying, b) down to earth, or c) just blabbery?

Anyway, the girl is just so cute, and I imagine her (for no reason at all) talking with an accent like Heidi Klum’s. Can’t you see(/hear) it?

Hope you like!

(Images via Lucy Laucht)


12 thoughts on “the adorable.

  1. Great name, great style*…sounds like another Lucy I know 🙂

    *as long as “great style” is define by skinny jeans and cardigans. ha.

  2. Oooh I like her! I think I also suffer from the same Tourettes because I always tell (overshare?) people who compliment my clothes that they’re from either a) Housing Works b) Target or c) fifth grade (Lu, that one’s for you because yes, I still wear that sweater).

    Thanks for the new read!

  3. I totally agree with her. I am most excited to read the blogs written by the girls who seem to be my “virtual” girlfriends- giving me all the best advice and best finds! Its also great to see girls who arent afraid to scout out the cheaper options. You dont have to make millions to look fabulous!

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