the manual.

Today’s blog is wonderful because it is the absolute opposite of the Jersey Shore. I think I would give up chocolate (an ENORMOUS sacrifice for me) if I never had to hear someone reference that atrocity again. Instead of grating, troubling, and lewd (more fitting words for GTL in my mind), this site is gentlemanly, proper, and decorous. Told ya I was prim.  And while I suspect that many of you are already familiar with it, it’s such a good blog that I wanted to risk the repeat just in case it might be new to you.

Walker Lamond started 1001 Rules for my Unborn Son in the spring of 2008 in order to record all the things he hoped to pass down to his future child before he became a hopelessly out of touch old dad. The tumblr has awesome old photographs, quotations from famous celebrity figures, links to cool and classic songs, and advice that ranges from what to wear (“Dissolute behavior in a coat and tie is always more amply forgiven“), to texting etiquette (“Never cancel dinner plans by text message“), to advice regarding women (“Offer to carry a woman’s bags. Especially your mother’s.”), to rules that make me nod emphatically and say YES! Thank you! (“Just raise your glass. There is no need to clink with everyone at the table“).

As you can see from some of the snippets above, not all the advice is gendered. There is plenty of wisdom to be gleaned by the future daughters of Walker Lamond. Apparently the blog creator (and now book author) lives in DC, and the son is no longer an imagined, far-off possibility but rather a walking and talking toddler. I haven’t spotted father or son out and about yet, so I can’t testify as to whether the boy is the perfect exemplar of all these sensible rules, but he certainly won’t feel a lack of fatherly instruction.

I know that raising (or being) a Cary Grant-esque man might not be every guy’s goal these days,  but this tumblr is a great place to visit when you feel overwhelmed by the Scott Disicks of the world. Chivalry is alive and well (at least on the blogosphere).

(Images via 1001 Rules for My Unborn Son)

11 thoughts on “the manual.

  1. This is one of my very faaaaavorites! I was thinking about the entry that just says “Take her picture” when we saw that man doing just that at the Capitol last weekend 🙂

  2. This might sounds strange but as a writer, I really appreciate your well written and witty blog. And the people and blogs you showcase are endlessly entertaining. This post is a prime example.

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