the guide.

Ordering drinks gives me social anxiety. Are people going to think I’m an uptight priss if I order white wine at happy hour? Do I need to get a beer to look like a cool girl? Is it embarrassing and college freshman-y if I still like vodka more than any other liquor? Can I order anything that ends with -tini (besides a simple martini, and I don’t think I could order that with a straight face. I’m no Don Draper) without looking like someone who is desperately clinging to 1998 and the early seasons of Sex and the City? Thankfully, someone has created a web app that can help alleviate my apprehension. Drinkify is a simple site that gives you a drink suggestion based on the music around you. You enter what you’re listening to (or you can enter what you’d like to listen to and the site will play it), and it immediately pulls up what should be in your glass.

Here are some examples.

I think the site would be really great if it had a little bit of humor (For example, “Nickelback? We suggest poison”), but over all I think it’s pretty cool. I don’t have super-eclectic taste, but I have yet to enter something for which it doesn’t have an answer.


(Images from Drinkify)

13 thoughts on “the guide.

  1. I can totally relate to that strange sense of anxiety and judgement. This site is kind of brilliant. You could totally shazam whatever they’re playing at a bar and order a drink to match. I bet if you ordered PBR at a place that plays Foster the People you would blend right in.

  2. I think I officially need to delete all the Johnny Cash off my iPod after seeing this recommendation. Definitely not cool enough for that.

  3. Uptight prisses unite! I had no idea what subtle social cues I was sending with my drink order. What does a gin and tonic say about me?

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