the gals.

So I know the famous quote says something along the lines of “blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make yours burn any brighter.” I understand that it’s a good thing to remember. Even so, I fear passing this blog along because it’s so great that I think many people’s blogging needs can and might be totally satisfied by it. But in the spirit of spreading the light, I will take a big gulp and send it forth. Hello Giggles was born 6 months ago, and it’s a collection of videos/articles/tips/drawings/thought essays/polls that are hilarious/girly/cool.  Sophia Rossi (LA socialite (but not in the terrible Paris Hilton way); when she refers to Nicole and Lauren she means Richie and Conrad), Molly McAleer (Hollywood writer), and Zooey Deschanel (girl crush of 98% of the population. I’m in the leftover 2%. I can’t get over her breaking my sweetie’s heart in 500 Days of Summer) run the blog. Hello Giggles deems itself an “entertainment site” and its audience “smart, independent, and creative females.”

Where to start on this blog? Here are a couple pieces that have been particularly popular.

Love letter to Ryan Gosling— if you haven’t seen it yet, you’re in for a treat. I don’t laugh out loud while reading too often, but I definitely did when I first saw that one.

My Disney Top Five— a snippet about #2, Young Simba:

“Young Simba is pretty much the whole package. He’s adorable, scrappy, fun-loving, and brave. But, more important, he actually likes and respects girls. His best friend is Nala, a female lion cub. He skipped right past the whole female-lion-cubs-have-cooties stage of life. Talk about mature! He also experiences great tragedy, perfect if you’re the type who wants a man you can really take care of. And let us not forget that Jonathan Taylor Thomas, pre-pubescent heartthrob of our universal preteen dreams, was the voice behind this cute little guy. Adorably enough, Young Simba even looks like JTT (possibly the source of my confusing yet unrelenting fascination with Furries). But seriously, guys, check out a side-by-side comparison.”

The blog is sassy, estrogen-filled (like that, my two male readers?), and fun. Hope you like it!

(images via HelloGiggles)

11 thoughts on “the gals.

  1. A friend of mine wrote a similar love and farewell letter to butter and posted it on FB. It was hilarious. I’ll have to ask her if she modeled it on the Ryan one!

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