the freeze frame.

The fact that Beyonce and Gwyneth Paltrow are best friends in real life seems endlessly unfair to me. They are both completely flawless, and their match-up is SO much coolness coming together at once. Also, it’s pretty rare that A-list celebrities make best friends amongst themselves. Normally there’s a clear pecking order within the relationship, with pairs like Oprah and Gayle King, or Kim Kardashian and La La, or J Lo and some girl who never quite made it off the block. Today’s site, however, is all about all-stars spending time with fellow all-stars. It’s called “Awesome People Hanging Out Together,” and sorry, but that title totally gives the plot away. The site is a collection of photographs from the past 60 years or so with unexpected people captured in the same camera lens. Take a look.

Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney, just ya know, washing some dishes after dinner.

So much poise! Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly at the 28th Annual Academy Awards. 1956.

Mother Teresa and Princess Diana.

What a sloppy, hazy scene. Keith Richards, Tina Turner, David Bowie.

Louis Armstrong with Ella Fitzgerald. Such a great photograph.

Photos like these that look like they could pop up on your facebook (going for authenticity, Mark?) are particularly cool. Here we’ve got Mark Zuckerberg, Snoop, and Sean Parker.

I think someone should make a spin-off of this site where readers can submit imagined captions for the pictures. If you’re feeling so inspired, feel free to leave some suggestions in the comments.

(Images via Awesome People Hanging Out Together)

7 thoughts on “the freeze frame.

  1. Yes, I like your idea about captions. That Catalog Living lady would do a great job! I’m just not that creative/not pop culture savvy enough to suss out the relationships between these people. I did get an email once that had pictures of Queen Elizabeth with every US President from Truman onwards. Those photos are begging for some hilarious captions! (Yes, for better or for worse, I know more about Eisenhower than Snoop.)

  2. Andy sent me the picture above my post before so this is first blog I’ve known about before seeing it on here! I’m getting cool!

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