the neat-nik.

I consider myself moderately organized. I have to click “I forgot my password” fairly frequently, but I make my bed every morning. My handwriting is frequently illegible, but even in my most frustrated “UGH I have NOTHING to wear” moments, I’ll still hang the discarded/unsatisfactory items back up in the closet. I love doing laundry, but I can put off cleaning the bathroom for a long, long time (and unfortunately I no longer live with a girl who enjoys doing that). For scheduling, I scribble and scratch out events in a paper calendar rather than coordinate with a color-coded, tidy gcal. Despite these CLEAR instances of relaxed and reasonable standards, I have been told that I should heighten my threshold for mess. To those silly people, I give you today’s post. It could be much worse. 🙂







For more of these images, click here.

The man behind these orderly images is Swiss (duh) Ursus Wehrli. He’s made a book of befores and afters like this, and that book comes hot on the heels of another one of his that looks very funny– Tidying Up Art. In that one, Wehrli takes famous paintings and either performs a quick clean (meaning everything gets pushed under the bed), or he’ll organize the paintings like he does in the images above. Here are a few.

Hope you enjoy!

(Photos via Jeannie Jeannie and Amazon)

6 thoughts on “the neat-nik.

  1. I shared this with a friend, who sent it to her husband. They laughed about it because she completely identified with the ordered images (she’s a graphic designer), while he had the equal and opposite reaction, wanting to immediately mess them back up. Might be useful in marriage counseling/couples therapy!

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