the fashion mock.

I’ve been hearing the phrase “quick and dirty” much more frequently than “short and sweet” recently. The phrase has been in exclusive reference to work-related matters, like whipping out a PowerPoint speedily or giving a fast summary of the morning meeting’s events, but it makes me raise an eyebrow. Even so, “short and sweet” is used too often in the land of quickly typed blog posts, so here’s the quick and dirty:

If you liked this blog/post, you’ll like Anthroparadie. It makes fun of involved photo shoots and overdone copy writing.

“Supermodel Babysitter Service

who could be a more natural fit for child care
than a warm, affectionate supermodel?
their selflessness, playful spirit, and interest in nutrition
lead to an unrivaled mothering instinct
nothing would give our supermodel babysitters greater pleasure
than to play with your child 
$158 / hour”

“Jenga-Inspired Wooden Sofa

rustic and woodsy, yet modern in its bold interpretation of gravity,
this plush, comfy sofa is perfect for when you just need to unwind


The site is great for a (quick and dirty) laugh. Hope you enjoy!

(Images via Anthroparodie).

4 thoughts on “the fashion mock.

  1. You know I love this site! Almost as much as I love the parent site itself….
    The self-description on the site is so apt: “We provide the fashionably adventurous elite with an illusion of a Bohemian lifestyle, while still promoting bourgeois decadence.” Now that is what a college education gets you!

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