the princess.

In the pilot episode of Dawson’s Creek, Joey Potter, with her characteristic doleful eyes and heavy dramatic emphasis, says, “We’re growing up, that’s all. I mean, even Spielberg outgrew his Peter Pan syndrome.” I know Joey’s smart and went to some pretend top tier college and all, but she’s not entirely correct. I have not grown past my love for the show or for her character on it, as annoying as she often was. And Pacey is still in my Top 5 (I feel very vindicated for being on board in the early days, as he now dates the prettiest woman alive).

Despite these constants, Joey’s profound utterance holds some truth. She’s now moved on from deciding between Dawson and Pacy (how was that EVER a choice) and has her very own leading dramatic man. She also has a beautiful daughter, one whose voice some anonymous person impersonates on one of the most popular Tumblrs out there, Suri’s Burn Book. A fairly new Tumblr but one that has spread like wildfire, Suri’s Burn Book is written to be the little girl’s judgy, snobby, superior thoughts about other celebrity children. A few examples below:

“Never let it be said that the Beckhams are not cultured. Here are Mr. B. and Cruz painting some pottery at Color Me Mine after soccer this weekend. One of the things I loved most about Cruz Beckham is that he is a true Renaissance man. That, and that if we got married, his name would’ve been Cruz Cruise. Don’t even pretend like that’s not how that would go down.”

“The President pardoned two turkeys this morning, but the real winner was Sasha Obama. Not only is her blazer fun and bold for fall, but that side-eye she’s shooting her father is downright epic. She knows, as do I, that this whole turkey-pardoning bit is stale, and also that, President or not, her dad is embarrassing. Join the club, Sasha. Join the club.”

“I swear, I was just holding this for a friend.”

It’s pretty funny thinking of Suri snidely saying these things, so go check out her Burn Book if you want a laugh out of the paparazzi pics.

(Images via Suri’s Burn Book)

17 thoughts on “the princess.

  1. 1) It’s a shame TBS/TNT want to crank out all this original content now. I watched them a lot more when their mornings were a 2-hour block of Saved By The Bell followed by a 2-hour block of the Creek. 2) I hope Suri turns out to be a good kid so that when Holmes wakes up and realizes we’ve always been destined for each other I won’t be stuck with a bratty step-child.

  2. I LOVE Suri’s Burn Book! I may or may not have an ongoing thread with some peeps of hilarious captions…my fav? Little Suri jumping around in a tutu with the caption “Ain’t got no time for haters!” hehehe.

  3. Ha, I love your commentary on pardoning the turkeys. And I pretty much read through all of Burn Book when I first discovered it.

    (ps. your blog is awesome!)

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