the patient.

All processes inordinately overwhelm me. I decided not to bring my car to my new city solely because the idea of locating and copying all the right documents, filling out the correct forms, and dealing with people at the DMV seemed much too painful. Any travel that requires multiple forms of transportation (take a train to get on a plane to get in a taxi….to get in a kayak to ice skate to destination) makes me want to stay at home instead. I would vastly prefer to snap my fingers and have a slightly impersonal but fully equipped house than to fill my home slowly with objects that have “a great story,” piece by piece. It’s not that I’m all about instant gratification, but rather that those instances of serious, sustained diligence and devotion rarely seem worth the payoff. These people aren’t on the same page.

John and Sherry write the blog Young House Love, and the blog has become a huge hit. Based in Richmond, Virginia, John and Sherry decided to renovate their house themselves. They didn’t begin as Mr. Fixits, but they learned as they went about their DIY projects and blogged about their progress. They took four years to transform their old, modest home into one that looks entirely magazine-worthy, and then they moved and started the process all over again in home # 2. Now they both blog and do DIY projects full-time, and when there’s a moment to spare, they write chapters for their upcoming home improvement book, star on HGTV, and write a regular column for one of Better Homes and Garden’s magazines. And take care of their baby, Clara.

Here are some befores and afters:

Final Product! Just kidding. The before:



What it looks like now (this is their second home, so their projects aren’t all completed. I think it looks pretty good, though!):

John and Sherry are down to earth, very focused on being cost-effective, and extremely hard working (look at their daily schedule here). It’s crazy to see how their side hobbies have become their livelihoods, and they make me at least want to contemplate the possibility of taking on a multi-step endeavor.

(images via Young House Love)

8 thoughts on “the patient.

  1. I’ll arrange the plane tickets, hopefully with an upgrade for you, wave down a taxi, book a hotel of the kind you would like to return to, and museum passes too! We will have to look elsewhere, maybe Richmond, or you now, for domestc refitting. We can try your new interest over the holidays.

  2. I just got off the phone with a friend who was raving about this Young House Love and then checked to see if you had any new posts and what do you know! That first one is a ridiculous transformation. And how cool is it that this couple’s hobby became their full time gig and they get to do it together.

  3. Aw thanks for the kind words! We’re blushing dorkily over here. Haha. And should you ever decide to take on a multi-step endeavor, know that you can totally do it. 99% of our method is just good ol’ trial and error and learning as we go!

    s (& j)

  4. As usual, I find your blog selections addictive. I had just finished clicking through pages of Suri’s commentary, then found myself absorbed in both house transformations. Could you please pick blogs that somehow align with what I am SUPPOSED to be doing? Now there’s a challenge for you!

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