the reverse.

When asked my favorite Christmas movie, I respond “Love Actually” in under .25 seconds. This preference is the case despite the fact that I nearly slid under my seat in embarrassment when I first saw it in theaters with my parents at age 16. Considering that 7th Heaven was deemed too racy for our household, it would have been easy for Love Actually to be such a mortifying family experience (the f word? porn stars??) that I would want to block it from my mind forever. Happily, I have let bygones be bygones, and it now reigns supreme in my rankings.

That being said, an article on The Hairpin hates on the movie, and it’s pretty darn funny. The writer goes through all the relationships in Love Actually and lays out why he hates actually it and why he loves actually it. Here’s an example from the Hugh Grant/Natalie relationship.

“Why I hate actually it:

  • This is the first of three subplots in which a man falls in love with his female subordinate.
  • The female subordinate in question, Natalie, is constantly referred to as “the chubby girl.”
  • No one seems to think it’s odd that Hugh Grant is Prime Minister and Billy Bob Thornton is the President of the United States.
  • No, really. How did they get elected?
  • Unbelievable airport security. So someone runs past security and jumps on the Prime Minister and doesn’t get shot? Sure.

Why I love actually it:

  • Hugh Grant and Natalie are SO cute together.
  • Hugh Grant is SO cute when he dances to the Pointer Sisters.
  • Natalie is SO cute when she jumps into Hugh Grant’s arms at Heathrow.
  • When Hugh OWNS the President in that press conference and the music swells and my arms get goosebumps!
  • Oh my god, I say, “EIGHT IS A LOT OF LEGS, DAVID,” all the time!!!
  • The caroling scene! Those little girls!
  • Who knew his driver was such a good singer?!?
  • She jumps into his arms and he catches her!!!”

Check the rest of the article out here– Hate Actually, Hairpin. I still love actually the movie. 🙂

5 thoughts on “the reverse.

  1. Must know: was there (actually) a discussion about 7th Heaven being too spicy for your consumption or was that just giving us an idea of the rating system in the hrck home?

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