the bon voyage.

Travel includes a lot of hassle. You’ll probably have to compare price differences in various itineraries. If you’re sightseeing, there’s a high chance your feet will be blistered and achy by the end of the day. You’re constantly shelling out money for taxis/buses/trains/planes. There’s pressure to do/see/experience as much as possible (how many times have you heard someone say “man, I need a vacation from my vacation!” after returning from a trip?).  I know there are special rolling methods, but it’s most likely that your clothes will arrive at your destination rumpled and wrinkly after being crammed in a too-full suitcase.

Of course, the thrills of traveling almost always overrule the annoyances. But wouldn’t it be REALLY cool if teleporting were a thing already and each one of those irritations disappeared? The Trendy Traveler is about as close as one can get taking a vacation without the logistical bothers, and I find it so very relaxing to scroll through the pages.

Here’s a sample of what you might find there:

(How cool would it be to stay in this mirrored tree house?)




(And I thought it was cool to do this in Thailand…)

Take a peek at The Trendy Traveler whenever you’re in need a quick (logistics-free) mental vacation, and also keep hoping for teleporting. And happy trails if you’re going anywhere for the holidays. (:

(Photos via The Trendy Traveler)

10 thoughts on “the bon voyage.

  1. Been griping for years about the lack of scientific advancement in the teleportation field, but since it probably won’t happen in my lifetime I think I’d settle for having a mirrored tree house. Cool post/pics.

  2. You need the hassles of travel ( eg airport crowds ) to make the trip seem all the better when you get to that secluded beach or beautiful vista !

  3. I think my goal for every trip from now on will be to take a blog-worthy photo! I’ll have to get creative since elephant photos are so passé 🙂

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