the grand gesture.

When I posted the gift guides last week, a few people informed me that those suggestions would have been helpful a little earlier in the game. Those people do their Christmas shopping extremely early.

Today’s post is for those who are a little less timely. Readers, I give you the DIY Snow Machine:

This is the kind of present that would save a relationship in a romantic comedy. I can just see it– at some point early in the movie, the leading girl would tell the leading boy (being hetero-normative here) in passing that she, being from Los Angeles or Miami or Sydney or somewhere, has never witnessed a white Christmas. The girl and boy would fall in love (there would be a montage with the standard cute scenes– the dancing around the kitchen, the smearing of an ice cream cone on each other’s nose, a very competitive board game, a bouncy piggyback ride). Then the boy would make some big mistake, and the boy and girl would break up. They would trudge through their holiday seasons immune to the Christmas cheer around them. The girl would meet someone else and go on dates with him in nice, candlelight restaurants. The boy would be distraught. And then, in a last ditch effort, the boy would set up a DIY Snow Machine in front of the girl’s apartment, she’d see it, she’d realize that he remembered how she (so subtly!) wished for a white Christmas, her icy heart would melt, and he’d win her back.

If you need to perform a similar grand gesture yourself, here’s the step by step on Instructables.

(Image via Instructables.)


5 thoughts on “the grand gesture.

  1. Did you actually read the instructions to make the snow blower? I think the repentant guy has an equal chance of ending up in the hospital, where there could also be a good kiss and make up scene.

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