the awards.

In these remaining days of the year, I’m going to be as judgmental and selfish as possible. I’m not going to give the benefit of the doubt or account for other people’s preferences. It’s going to be all about HRCK.

Introducing the 2011 HRCK the Herald Blog Awards. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, I’m going to announce the three blogs that rock MY world. They might be repeats of the ones already on here (I wouldn’t hide the best from you!), or they might be new ones that haven’t yet gotten their day in the (bright, HRCK, extremely highly-trafficked) sun.

Wednesday: The Blogger Who Writes the Best

Thursday: The Blog I Read No Matter How Busy I Am

Friday: The Blogger I Want To Be

This may get as bloody as sorority rush.

(Image via Pinterest)

4 thoughts on “the awards.

  1. Remember how I read all of May-December in one sitting in Ponte Vedra because I get so absorbed in things so quickly/easily? Like when I watch Bachelorette or Desperate?? Well, apparently HRCK has risen to those stratospheric heights bc I just got so genuinely excited about this!!!!

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