the blogger i want to be.

I know that you never know what’s going on in anyone else’s life, and that you shouldn’t wish for another’s fortune, and I do actually believe that. BUT if I could be any blogger, it would be Cup of Jo. I posted about her here as “the dream,” and I meant it.

She’s positive, curious, and appreciative. She posts a picture of a sweater she likes, and it immediately goes out of stock. She’s the ultimate lifestyle blogger, and it would be cool to have a bank-making job that was about posting pictures of cool things I’ve found all over the internet all day. She’s model-esque, respected in the web world, does exactly what she loves, and she’s married to a successful New York Times writer. Yep, I’d take it!

(Image via A Cup of Jo)

One thought on “the blogger i want to be.

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