the mindset.

Many things irritate me. Slow walkers, power trips, everything bagels. Reflectiveness around the end of a year and beginning of a new one is not one of those things though, so here’s a little bit.

2011 was a pretty great year for me. On January 1st, I began the year with my toes in the ocean in Florida. I concluded December 31st (well, technically it was already a few hours into 2012) making designs in leftover frosting on a piece of room service chocolate cake in Atlanta. Evidence:

(Clearly I wasn’t too into a “less dessert” resolution, huh? And still not old enough not to enjoy playing with my food)

I like motivational quotes the whole year round, but here are some ones that I’d like to have in mind as this 2012 year begins.

And a real “thinker” one with which to end…

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2012!



10 thoughts on “the mindset.

  1. I dig all these, but when it comes to quotability (and pretty much everything else) gotta go Twain > Avett Brothers.
    Happy New Year and thanks for all the blogging/blog suggestions in 2011. Expecting much more of the same in 2012.

  2. Hello! I found you through Mindy Kaling’s blog (just finished her book and loved it, too). Clearly you are in a much younger (and likely cooler) demographic, but our mutual love of Mindy and our choice of the Twenty Eleven WordPress theme gives us at least two things in common. Love all your quotes. Happy New Year!

  3. Glad to get some new favorites. Predictably, perhaps, I like goethe best. Also, I wouldn’t be sad if you added a “quote of the day” section of the blog. Cheers to a new year!

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