the bachelor hopeful blog.

I’m done with The Bachelor. I cannot muster the energy to pretend to have a reaction to statements like “I think I’m falling,” or “here for the right reasons” any longer.

But as a blog guide, I’m putting away my grievances to direct whoever cares to one hopeful contestant’s blog. Jenna Burke of NYC writes The Over-Analyst. She stopped writing on it after she got on the show, but if you want to see what she was like pre-trying to win Ben’s heart, you might get a good picture there. From the barrage of tweets during the premiere last night, I gather that she’s crazy.

I intend to spend no more blog space on the show .

10 thoughts on “the bachelor hopeful blog.

  1. Despite the genre’s bad rep, there is entertaining reality television. I think any reality show becomes unwatchable when the characters (actors?) only do/say things they’ve seen on previous shows. Sadly, for most that’s the second season.

  2. I just so happened to catch a glimpse of crazy Jenna, and I was hooked. I normally don’t watch The Bachelor (I quite after the Andrew Firestone season) but I do catch it here and there. That Jenna is some awesome tv. Thanks for posting her blog.

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