the chameleon.

The next time you do something really embarrassing and find yourself wanting to fade into the background, make a phone call to Liu Bolin. The 38 year old Chinese guy takes photographs of himself after he’s painted his body to match his surroundings. He blends in SO well. Happy Where’s Waldo-ing!

This would be perfect for when you see spot a terrible/too talkative/tiresome acquaintance in the store: 

If you worked at Merrill Lynch and saw an angry client approaching…

Adds a nice layer to the “if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear/see it, did it happen?”:

“Excuse me, is that seat taken?”

An invisible guide would only make Venice more of a labyrinth.

Apparently it takes Bolin about 10 hours to paint himself appropriately. He’s become pretty famous, and recently he made some sort of burning sculpture for Obama. If you’re totally in love with these, you can buy them at EK Fine Art.



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