happy weekend!

Ah, weekend. This one is going to be packed rather than restful, but it’s mostly all good, fun things. The biggest life change that’s happening is moving to a new house, and while that task normally seems herculean and very, very high on my list of things that cause great dread, this move is remarkably low on logistical hassle. The biggest task will be transforming my new room into something like this:

I’m not good at defining my preferred aesthetic for most interior spaces, but I do know that I adore white bedding and I believe I can attribute that affection to this scene:

Still one of my all-time favorite movies (weird what’s happened to those two since this was shot. How life changes.).

Hope you all have whatever kind of weekends you wish!

(via Pinterest and Fanpop)

5 thoughts on “happy weekend!

  1. Great inspirational pictures- very relaxing and tranquil… Parent Trap was one of my fave childhood movies! I was flipping through the TV guide yesterday and when I saw Parent Trap I got so excited, only to be let down because it was the old version. Nothing like innocent little girl Linday Lohan!

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