the whimsical warnings.

In the Atlanta airport last weekend, I had a conversation about the dullness of the words that are used for clarifying the different terminals. Wouldn’t it make travel a little less tiresome if the automated voice on the train said something more creative than “the next stop is terminal C. C as in Charlie”? What about “C as in Cowabunga” for a blast back to the 90s? Or “C as in chopsticks” for some cultural flair? Or “C as in cacophony” to refresh people’s SAT vocabulary words memory? I think it’d be fun. And it doesn’t have to be a very basic word to get the point across– it’s just about hearing the first sound again, right?

John Morse and I are on the same page. To invigorate the dull street signs, the New York City Department of Transportation let Morse post these all around the city. His signs are brightly colored and have haikus as their warnings, and Morse thinks that the bold colors and whimsical words draw the attention that the standard signs we’ve seen forever fail to. Morse calls his work “fun because it’s dreadfully serious — the subject. And yet, you don’t have to bang people over the head.

Here are a few of them:

Hope he moves on to Atlanta next…

(Images via NPR)

4 thoughts on “the whimsical warnings.

  1. Yes, all for invigorating our vocabulary, using more of the 20,000+- words in my dictionary, and then if they do not provide enough ammunition, you can create more.

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