the ennui.

Today’s blog is a popular one. It’s similar to Catalog Living (I posted about that one here), but instead of taking a jab at the stylized decor, its target is the people in the ads. Unhappy Hipsters‘ tagline is “it’s lonely in the modern world,” and the blog’s tone is darkly deadpan. Creators Molly Jane Quinn and Jenna Talbott started it one evening as a release from the magazine world in which they worked (and didn’t enjoy), sent it to a few friends, and watched as it spread like wildfire (truly– to the tune of 122,000 hits its first week).

Here are some examples, captions below:

Picture on left: ““He quietly contemplated the disconnect between his social ineptitude and impeccable aesthetic.”

Picture on right right: “The child could bear the boredom no longer.”’

“The daily cleanup of hair, slobber, and urine was disgusting. One was expected to keep toys on hand to keep him from chewing, but he coordinated with their motif amazingly well.”

The women’s work has now been made into a book, but they don’t think of themselves as all that successful. In an interview with New York Times, Quinn talks about how funny and alarming it was to watch the life cycle of a blog— “I would read these tweets, people were saying, “Unhappy Hipsters used to be great, but now it’s really jumped the shark,” and it was only two days old.”

It’s a rough world in the blogosphere…guess the hipsters are unhappy for good reason.

(Images via Unhappy Hipsters)

3 thoughts on “the ennui.

  1. I love these parody sites! Keep ’em coming!
    It would be interesting to compare the # of smiles in Dwell vs. Family Fun magazine. Rich and childless perhaps does not equal greater happiness? Or perhaps the people buying these magazines prefer to picture themselves as above such trite emotions as happiness and glee?

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