the what not to do.

So there’s this:  (really, just watch. It’s 25 seconds, and I am NOT one to recommend many youtube videos, so I promise it’s not a bad use of your valuable time). (Side note, how sad was this movie? It and Homeward Bound made 8 year old me choke up every time).

And there’s this:

But still…there’s got to be a place for constructive criticism, right? Katie at Sweet Tater posted her list of 12 Blogger Bad Habits, and she’s got ’em down. Here are a few of my favorites:

“3. Calling your significant other anything but his/her given name. I’m serious with this. Just stop it.”

Yes, especially with a definite article in front of it. I find reading about “the boyfriend” or “the husband”  or “hubby” (seriously the worst) SO grating. If your significant other’s name is the one thing that you want to keep private on the space that you broadcast all the details about your life to the world, at least give him/her an initial.

4Instagramming everything on Earth. I realize the hip fade makes your skin look flawless and your pumpkin spice latte look like a work of fine art, but please just take it down one notch.”

Yes! Thank you! Especially cool it on the foamy milk on top of coffees. And stop talking about pumpkin spice lattes/Starbucks red cups all together. Not interesting anymore.

9. Calling yourself a writer. I’m sorry but… you’re just probably not. Eep. I said it. I’m ok with joggers calling themselves runners, but I’m not ok with casual gym goers calling themselves athletes. Do you see the difference? Someone who enjoys cooking is a cook, not a chef. Following? I’m ok with you calling yourself a blogger or even a freelancer or saying that you write as a verb, but you are not a writer. It’s a fine, blurry line, I realize. Respect it.”

Yes. I cringe when a blogger writes a touchy feel-y post about being a writer. I could list about 12 bloggers off the top of my head who do this with regularity, but I’m going to remember that they’re fighting a hard battle, and I”ll follow Thumper’s advice.

I’ll add to the list bloggers who use the world “amazeballs,” and any mention of losing one’s sanity in the blogging cause. Seriously, just typing that made me shiver.

Anything that grates on you?


19 thoughts on “the what not to do.

  1. to the above comment: yes. also, I’ve definitely done this, but “omg these brownies are so good I ATE THE WHOLE PAN! oops! heehee” nobody is ever that happy about eating a whole pan of brownies. ever.

  2. I’m not blog-savvy enough to have a list of “don’ts”, but I get uncomfortable when people confess things about their family and friends online that they have obviously not said to the interested party. I came across a fashion blog the other week where the blogger talked about having her boyfriend cancel plans for a concert with friends because something better came up and now the friends were mad. It was clear she had not talked to the friends about it yet. Or when people post on FB about how annoying their next door neighbor is, when everyone on their friend list knows who the neighbor is. Weird.

  3. these are great! yeahhh i pretty much loathe “hubby.” i can’t and won’t ever call j that. i do like the initial thing. prob because it reminds me of gossip girl. ha!

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