the sketchbook.

There are a gazillion fashion blogs. I enjoy a lot of them, and I admire the bloggers’ bravery for posting pictures of themselves for public consumption/possible criticism. I’ve posted about a couple of my favorites here and here, but I haven’t posted any other fashion blogs for a while because I find them difficult to blog about. I don’t have the necessary repertoire of fashion adjectives to describe their specific styles, and I can reblog their pictures, but it’s not that fun for me (which duh, is the main reason I write this ol thing).

This chick is different! Lauren Friedman, 24, lives in Washington DC, and she blogs on My Closet in Sketches. Friedman started her blog as a release from the monotony of her 9-5 (I’m beginning to sense a theme…), and it became so popular that she quit her dreary job and now trades on her site and sketches. Instead of taking pictures of herself, Friedman draws pictures of her outfits and writes in her commentary/explanation for each piece. Thankfully, she’s already identified her style as “boy-meets-girl prep with major swag” so I don’t have to try to describe her look myself.

The blog isn’t all outfit of the day posts, and she mixes it up with things like the following:

My Closet in Sketches is unlike any other fashion blogs I’ve seen, Friedman shows a lot of talent (I wonder how much time each drawing takes her?), I love all the DC references, and her scrawling commentary is well-written/funny. Hope you like her!

(Images from My Closet in Sketches )


11 thoughts on “the sketchbook.

  1. Wow, she is talented! Love her drawings and her list of rules, “digs”, is interesting. I do wonder what these outfits look like in person, though.

  2. I adore this! I think drawings and sketches are so underused in the blog world (also one thing Matchbook Mag does right…). Also anyone who posts about DC gets my vote!

  3. I love this! One of my comments for “what not to do” would be make pouty/arrogant/wannabe-model faces when posting photos of outfits, so the drawings take care of that issue!

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