the real-talk hipster mom.

I don’t know how I haven’t been reading this blog for a long time. I think you all will like her.

Nat the Fat Rat (gross name, pretty blog) is a force. Her name is Natalie, and she’s a snarky but grateful mom who leads a life that reminds me of Rockstar Diaries Taza’s (posted about here) and Cup of Jo Joanna’s (posted about here and here). She dresses like Taza and loves her chubby little boy like Joanna. Proof:

She’s different, however, in terms of substance. I love reading Taza and Joanna’s posts, but they’re often so short and…moony? that it’s like calling cotton candy your supper (which would be great! but it’s not really anything good and dinner-y into which you could sink your teeth. You know, like a brownie sundae). Nat the Fat Rat’s posts are well-written and funny. They range from serious ones about her faith to her self-discovery through her Meg Ryan Theory. She takes beautiful pictures, and she’s not one to sugarcoat life’s bumps and bruises as many bloggers tend to do.

She and her husband (whom she calls either by his first name Brandon or by their last name Holbrook) and their little plump cherub Henry (often called Huck on the blog) live in Manhattan. Holbslovah (she sometimes calls her husband that on the blog too, so I thought it’d be ok for me to as well) is an attorney, and she writes for a few different websites, runs her force of a blog, and looks after their little baby. The blog’s name was her nickname as a baby– apparently she was a chunker, and her family (so kindly and discreetly) called Nat the Fat Rat. And even though she hated that name, for some reason she decided to make it her blog title. Catchy, at least?

I really can’t believe she hasn’t been in my Google Reader forever, but better late than never, and I’m glad she’s part of my crew now.

(Images via Nat the Fat Rat)

13 thoughts on “the real-talk hipster mom.

  1. I do like her blog! She seems more genuine than some others, though perhaps it just depends on your own socio-economic status. Someone must find those uber-expensive fashion blogs relatable, right? I do have to ask though, what is it with the Mormon girl bloggers? Seems like there are quite a few out there…. I’ll keep her on my radar for sure, though.

  2. One more quick observation: love the way she writes about motherhood, but WHY do all these bloggers hold balloons and kick up one heel as they kiss their husband? There should be some parody blog out there tracking those trends.

  3. I like her blog, too – but the disregard for capitalization is something that really, really irks me with blogs nowadays. Maybe it’s the font she chose, but it’s so distracting!

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