the prettier airplane catalog.

When I fly, I like to have absolute minimal conversation with those sitting around me. I think you can be a perfectly pleasant seatmate without uttering a word. Really– a smile when you sit down/get settled, an apologetic face and half-stand to show that you’ve got to climb over him/her to get to the restroom, maybe a commiserating grimace if there’s turbulence or an unhappy baby in the row behind– that’s all you need. I follow this protocol pretty dutifully, and I can shut down a well-meaning, kindly soul pretty fast. A sweetie, I am!

The only time that I ever, ever want to talk on a plane is when I’ve exhausted my book, determined dozing off is impossible, rifled through the airline magazine, and have got nothing to do but gawk at the oddities in the SkyMall catalog. In those moments, I feel a slight urge to tap the person next to me to get him/her to weigh in on how many “Hanging Henriettas” have sold in the past calendar year,

or if he/she thinks the Sit Fit is the cure for our country’s obesity epidemic.

In some ways, I almost find the SkyMall offerings to be inspiring. You know that the inventor of the Sit and Fit heard “no, we’re not interested” a million times before someone believed in the product enough to put it on these glossy pages. Persistence paid off.

Anyway, it turns out that the SkyMall catalog is not the only place that collects such strange things. Pinterest, the curator of pretty and whimsy and “love that” and “heart this” wedding inspiration boards and fudgy desserts and messy buns and color blocked outfits, also has some really weird stuff. Here’s what’s made me cock my head recently.

I’m not sure what the official name is, but someone on Pinterest called this the “Bad Mood Couch.” I guess you’re supposed to nestle in there when you want to get away from the world.

Book blankets! I wonder how one would organize a library of these things.

I don’t know how this was determined to be the optimal design, but this thing is supposed to be great for a quick cat nap at work.

To instill both family togetherness and a love of literature at a young age?

I’d definitely consider purchasing this one.

What a wacky world in which we live.

(Images from SkyMall and here)

14 thoughts on “the prettier airplane catalog.

  1. Wait so funny that you posted this today because I am currently between flights (TO COME SEE YOUUUU!!!!) and, on my first (which took off at 6 AM, mind you) the woman behind me (clearly not a believer in your airplane etiquette) spent the ENTIRE flight pointing out hilarious items in the SkyMall catalog to those lucky enough to be sitting around her. “Look at that armadillo beer holder!” Here’s hoping the 10:15 is kinder…

  2. lmao, thank you for this post, it has made my day! These photos were definitely entertaining to looking at!

    p.s. I also prefer not to make conversation with the person next to me on the plane..and get quite annoyed when they don’t stop talking for hours…but I’m too polite to tell them to shut it.

  3. Love your commentary and the pics you found. Genius combination. One of your best posts ever.

    Henry would LOVE that bad mood couch, not because he is often in a bad mood, but because he likes secret hideouts and small spaces. Reminds me of the bathtub reading nook in my 3rd grade classroom. Where to purchase one?

    I’d love to see a character on The Office use the cat nap pillow.

    And I am totally with you on the airline etiquette.

    • Agree with all of the above! (except I guess I don’t know Henry well enough to know his preferences, but it does seem like a kid’s dream come true).

  4. It will be interesting to see if anyone replies that they met their future spouse/boss/best friend etc by happening to sit next to them on a plane? Speaking of which, how was the 10:15, Lucy……!?

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