the eloquence.

As much as I love book club, I did not love this past month’s pick. I’m excited about what we’re reading next, but to reaffirm my love for good books in the meantime, here are some quotes from some of my favorite authors and other literary greats. 

Some good things to keep in mind.



7 thoughts on “the eloquence.

  1. Great ideas…….basically the theme of appreciate life and see/enjoy what is right there seems to be an undercurrent. The “Fortune favors the Brave” quote – where was that from?

  2. P.S. What was and will be your book club choices ? We are reading City of Thieves and and some in our group are having nightmares !

    • We read The Daughter of Smoke and Bone this past month, and next we have The Flight of Gemma Hardy. It’s supposed to be a modern day Jane Eyre, It’s starting very similarly– she’s stuck in the sewing closet as opposed to the red room right now.

  3. I’ve read all of these several times today. Thanks for the fix. I can’t help but be partial to Austen always, but the Nin one stood out to me as well. Happy weekend!

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