the pause.

My internet at my house is on the blink, work is busy, and I’ve got some out of town guests, so once it gets fixed and things return to their normal hum, the blog will be back. So, in the same vein of Lululemon’s guilt-tripping brand of inspiration– Get off the internet! Go do something outside! Go be active!  Not that I can really bash on them considering I wear their stuff most days of the week…

Also, the image above is from one of the glummest things I’ve seen on the internet (don’t you want to click now?)– 25 Depressing Portraits of Closed Bookstores. Not that I can talk much considering I’m mostly a Kindle only person now…

See ya in a couple days!


2 thoughts on “the pause.

  1. my old school self is still doing my part for the book stores!

    …hence the strap on my carry-on breaking because it was so full of books…ha

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