the prized.

So, I know beauty is skin deep. L’essential est invisible pour les yeux. The Beast was made to be such because he was ugly on the inside. Charlotte marries Harry! Etc, etc, etc.

Still…I really like pretty things. When someone recommends a TV show to me, my first question is about the physical attractiveness of the cast. I could happily watch a plot-less movie if pretty images just sailed across the screen for 2 hours (Sex and the City 2, for example).

The best, of course, is when something is both beautiful and substantive. I like my thought-provoking to come nicely dressed. That’s how things are served on today’s blog,The Burning House. On the blog, people are invited to send in pictures of what they would grab from their house if they only had a few moments before it went down in flames.

Here is what some people deemed most important:

This girl is really into her white shirt, huh? Real version AND a painted one? And I’m having fun imagining what those old keys unlock…

Maybe the person on the left is a high-powered lawyer who is using the fire as a chance to reinvent herself as a country blues singer. On the right? Some gentleman who will now venture forth into the world to find his dream house like the one he’s hung on his walls all this time– and a woman who has always wanted to wear this white nightgown he’s been saving.

An FBI agent who hasn’t switched over his files to computers yet?

My dad already burned our house down once, so I hope all the bad luck in that realm has been used up, but if I were ever so unfortunate as to find myself having to gather stuff before I stopped, dropped, and rolled out of there, I’d grab my boxes of letters and sentimental/family jewelry. And probably my passport– not because I’d hightail it out of the country immediately, but because I hate red tape, and getting a new one on top of rebuilding a house would be more of a process than I could bear.

Any ideas about what you’d bring?



6 thoughts on “the prized.

  1. I am giggling to think that anyone would construe your post to mean that Dad burned the house down on purpose! Glad I am at the stage where I can laugh about it.
    Other than first grabbing the people in my house, I totally agree with you about jewelry and vital documents, but I’d also add photos. Now you are making think I should have “house burning down” box to speed up the process, rather than trying to remember where all the various photo albums are….

  2. I would definitely grab what you would grab plus special books (namely, signed TKAM and first edition Eleanor Roosevelt bio–we went through a lot together to make my thesis happen!)…here’s hoping all this conversation (for everyone!) is for naught…

  3. When I was in my first earthquake (in a foreign country far far away. on the 32nd floor of a high rise. by myself. without a phone. in the middle of the night) and I thought I should perhaps evacuate lest I crash to my death when the building collapsed/get tsunamied, I grabbed my contacts, my passport, my camera/pictures and a hair tie. Judging from the pictures I should probably have also thought to grab a sensible and fashionable outfit.

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