the dessert freak.

Today’s post title refers to me. I confidently believe that I could live off a diet of sweets for the rest of my life and be very, very happy. I have never craved a potato chip or a french fry or a cheese plate in my life. If those foods are around, I eat them, but if they disappeared from my life forever more, no tears would be shed. If dessert went AWOL, I would struggle to get through the day.

I have a print of this painting hanging in my room. I have never deemed anything to be “too sweet” or “too rich.” Those words don’t make sense together in my head.

Considering this confectionery compulsion, imagine my giddy delight when I saw these prints by John Holcomb. Holcomb draws desserts (and some other, less exciting foods) in the shape of states, and I’d like to have each place I’ve ever lived join the Wayne Thiebaud above on my walls.

A darling cherry poptart (Wish it were in one of the better flavors, but I like how it ties in with DC’s cherry blossoms):

Cherry pie for North Carolina:

This is the first time I’ve ever wished to have some tie to Wisconsin. Oreo Cupcakes:

Can I hang these cinnamon rolls with icing up even if I have no aspirations to move to the lovely Garden State?

Find your state and its depiction here— they’re really fun! I’m off to find a cookie.



9 thoughts on “the dessert freak.

  1. AH! This might be one of my favorite posts to date. Though admittedly a salty person through and through, I am such a Wayne Thiebaud fan and love these prints!

  2. okay i love this. and all posts related to food. my sister is redecorating, maybe a set of the 3 places she’s lived would be a cute gift for her to hang in the kitchen?

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